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Nokado Schools of Self Defense Teen Martial Art Program

teenAges 13-17

At the Nokado School of Self Defense, we feel that the training of our teenagers is of the utmost importance in our society today. With the recent impact of BULLYING in our schools, at the workplace and especially online in social media, we feel it is most important to develop a strong foundation of SELF WORTH and independence in our teenagers. We teach our students that avoiding a confrontation is important, but also being aware of the dangers that surround us gives us the ability to avoid the pitfalls that will be in our lives.

The Dojo has a special teen age training class on Wednesday evenings in which our teens (who will be the leaders of tomorrow) can gather, train, and develop special relationships with peers who share common interests. The class emphasizes physical fitness, self defense, and being aware of the dangers that surround. The class is taught by Renshi Mike Saltzaman, a fourth degree black belt who has been training at the Nokado Dojo for over 15 years


Physical Development
The Nokado Jiu Jitsu Centers Curriculum of Martial includes a built in system for the improvement of one’s physical abilities. Our system includes physical fitness, athletic ability, self-defense skills, enhancement of one’s speed, power, and flexibility, and the development of well rounded and versatile Martial Artists.

Mental Development
Our Nokado Jiu Jitsu Centers teaching system develops the individual’s abilities to focus and concentrate. To become highly skilled in the Martial Arts, one must be centered and focused, and the learning process emphasizes both these abilities through development of the student's concentration skills. Martial Arts helps to develop strong minds by teaching that anything is possible. This is what develops the "Yes, I Can" attitude.

Spiritual Development
Martial Arts teaches determination. Students learn to believe in themselves and what they are doing, and to never give up. They learn to put faith in their instructor’s ability to guide them to their next level of accomplishment and in their own ability to reach that level.

Character Development
Striving to develop a good character within ourselves is the facet that separates Martial Arts from other fitness programs and sporting activities. The development of an athlete is much simpler than the development of a Martial Arts student. Not only does an instructor have to work with the student to develop physical proficiency, he must also develop the mental skills and discipline. The Nokado Jiu Jitsu Centers consistently demands respect, discipline, control, and a positive mental attitude from its students. An average Martial Arts school is one in which the students are skilled in the physical aspects of the program. A great Martial Arts school is defined by students who are well rounded and developed to perfection in all aspects of self-development. What separates a great Martial Arts instructor from an average one, is his attitude of caring towards his students and his determination to ensure that all four goals of the student creed are accomplished by them. What defines an outstanding Martial Arts Association is that it never sacrifices its ideals or values and strives to develop their students to their best potential.

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