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About our schools

Here at Nokado Jiu Jitsu Centers we are focused and determined to serve our students with the highest quality instruction, professionalism, and service in the industry. To achieve our goal we have implemented programs that cater to the individual interests of our community. Our Students range from all ages with interest varying from stress relieving, health promoting exercises to intense, traditional training that the Martial Arts are so famous for. All aspects of our center are arranged to build a balanced relationship of trust and respect with our students. We offer discipline and character building in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that anyone can feel comfortable in. So if you are ready to feel great, become disciplined, focused, confident, and alive then come in and see us. Our doors are open.

class picJiu Jitsu - strategic flexibility

Nokado teaches practical self-defense based on the Japanese martial art of Hakkoryu Jiu-Jitsu. Hakkoryu Jiu-Jitsu is an ancient, time-tested art of self-defense that requires little strength, so it is well suited to persons of any size or strength. The basic philosophy of Hakkoryu Jiu-Jitsu is that the pathway of least resistance will always overcome strength.

The strategy behind the Nokado Self Defense system is to avoid confrontation whenever possible. Some situations are unavoidable. When faced with a confrontation they can not walk away from, or talk their way out of, students will possess the necessary skills to physically defend themselves, or their loved ones, in any situation.

At Nokado, we realize that techniques which involve acrobatic movements may not be suitable for every person. Our curriculum is easy to follow and understand, regardless of age or physical condition. The Nokado system combines physical techniques designed to work against the weaknesses inherent in your opponents body, with mental discipline to help you focus internally and overcome your own personal limitations. As the techniques of Jiu-Jitsu become second nature you’ll develop a keener sense of awareness, a proper mind-set and the confidence to safely resolve any situation you may encounter. Power - speed - stamina - agility - coordination - flexibility, all will improve from the study of Jiu-Jitsu.

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We are black belt school

Many people misunderstand the concept of the black belt. A black belt, itself, is not the ultimate achievement in the Martial Arts. There are actually 10 different levels of the black belt, the first of which signifies that the student is ready to begin the advanced level of training. It takes approximately 3 years to achieve the first level of black belt, and every new student should look at this belt as a realistic goal. Remember, goals are needed in order to keep you focused while you are acquiring the skills needed to achieve them. Much like college, the goal of an Associate Degree helps keep you motivated to complete your two years of study, enabling you to realize some tangible benefit for your efforts. Think of your black as a 3 year degree.

Students are expected to set goals and commit themselves to achieve them. Individuals who wish to become Nokado Jiu Jitsu Centers students, should expect to attend at least two classes per week.

Our classes are taught by certified black belt instructors, who care about their students and conduct themselves accordingly. They help students to learn and to improve themselves through positive support and encouragement, not through intimidation! Please feel free to ask your instructor any questions that will assist in your decision to make our studio your place to train. Come and join our family and remember, teaching and helping you is the reason we are here.

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